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Does Styron & Hughes Offer Decor Services?

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

This question has become more and more popular at each of our sales so I decided to not only answer the question (yes, we definitely do offer decor services!!!), but to also walk you through what services we offer, the design process, what you can expect when working with us and how much you can expect to pay for our services.

I decided to start with my bonus room above our garage. I feel this is a room that many homes in this area have and most people aren't sure what to do with them, so they become a giant catchall playroom. Mine is builder's beige with beige shag carpet and a knee wall. The knee wall is shown in the above photo, it comes down at an angle and makes furniture placement next to zzimpossible....UUGGGHHH.

Step #1 of the Design Process - Initial Meeting with the Client

Week1: This is when I meet with the client in their space. This gives me a chance to take photos, measure, get a better understanding of your surroundings and talk through what budget you have to spend. That is what I did when I decided to take on the bonus room. I took tons of photos from every angle, measurements, stock of what items I could work with and what items it will be time to say goodbye to....and thought about my budget. It is VERY important to really think about your budget. Everyone should have a budget. It's ok if you don’t have Elon Musk money to spend....who does? But a budget is not only important for you, but also for the designer. Many people are afraid to give a budget because they want to wait and see what the designer's best price will be. But for designers our price, is our price. A sofa isn’t going to cost you more because you have a higher budget than someone else. A higher budget may simply mean we may be able to do phase I, II & III of your project all at once instead of in stages. The goal of a designer is to help you stay on budget and help make your room look like you had Elon Musk money to spend.

After our initial meeting my job as the designer is to go back to the office so I can provide the client with a quote, email them their STYLE DISCOVERY WORKBOOK (homework)....yes, homework. This is a team effort. I want you to feel part of the process.

Next time on our Instagram/Facebook stories I will share with you how I come up with my bonus room makeover budget, furniture placement and the process of determining the look for the bonus room by filling out the STYLE DISCOVERY WORKBOOK.

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